I have scored an interview with one of the bigger modeling agencies and I am insanely excited.
Today I went to the address they gave me to make sure I know where it is, wouldn’t want to freak out just before the interview and be late trying to find the place.
I have already decided which clothes I am going to wear so now I pretty much just spend my time fantasying and practicing poses in front of the mirror.

I really hope I nail this interview as I have a limited amount of money and no job at the moment. I am fully concentrating on my potential modeling career and I really hope it will come sooner than I expected.

Everything is expensive in New York so it is quite a struggle to have everything the way I want. I did spend some money arranging the apartment since I feel it is important to feel comfortable in my home, even if it might be a temporary one.

One thing I was struggling a lot with at first was finding fresh produce that I liked, it took me a while to find a store where I felt confident will have exactly what I need. Now I shop there every day and have become pretty good friends with the people there.
I was afraid I might have hard time making friends here but I’m meeting so many people I have started forgetting names. Its kind of nice living in the big apple, different than I expected but nice.

Staying In Shape


Exercising is important for everyone, so why wouldn’t I share my routine since I have a blog now.

As I arrived to New York first step was finding a great gym and kickboxing classes. Kickboxing is a must for me, as it does wonders for my butt. I was lucky enough to find both in no time, pretty much the same day.

Cardio is a must for every person so I run every single morning, mainly in one of the parks (currently Central Park is my favorite) as they are very beautiful to run through. I am not a big fan of running in the gym so I run there mainly on rainy days.

I exercise for an hour and half daily five times a week since I want to look very lean and feminine. As with everything else working hard and regularly gives great results.

For core conditioning other than kickboxing I do yoga. Lunges, squats, deadlifts, crunches, planks. Obviously I am concentrating mostly on my core, butt and legs. Trying to get the ideal model measurements.

All in all its not very complicated, most important is not to skip any exercises, perform them regularly and you will see results!



I was thinking a lot about my family lately, my home, my friends, my dog…
Its not very easy being thousands of miles away from home, even if you can see your friends over Skype you still end up kind of feeling lonely. I suppose I am just feeling homesick because excitement of seeing everything new has vanished.

Today when I was running I was thinking a lot about Rex, my dog. A few years back at the beginning of fall my cat got run over which was pretty devastating for me and my little sister. Now that I think about it the two of us spend a lot of time talking about the cat once she was gone, I suppose we might be slightly too emotional.
When my birthday came around I didn’t expect much as my family was struggling with the money at the time. I remember spending that day with my friends, well and the night too hehe

When I came home I slowly and quietly entered the house to make sure I don’t wake up anyone, I remember feeling a little bit tipsy and stumbling on my way to the room. As I entered I just threw myself to the bed, tired and exhausted. Just lying there for a moment and thinking about great time I had. Suddenly I felt something around my feet, screamed in panic and jumped on the bed. Room was completely in and I had no idea what kind of smiley creature just crawled over my foot. My father opened the door quickly, turning on the light asking if everything is okay. As I looked down I saw a little puppy with a text written on a heart shaped necklace “I am your birthday present!”

He was so cute and I was so happy that I burst into tears. The little Rex just wanted to get to know me and had me scared for life with his little introduction. It was the best present I’ve ever received.

I miss my home, but I came here for a reason and I won’t back down. Becoming successful model and seeing everyone again, that is something that I strive for. As long as so many people is backing me up, I know that I can make that dream come true.

Fresh and Organic


A lot of people think that models starve themselves and are perhaps weak little puppets that can barely lift a puppy.
Well if you have already read the post about how often models exercise, then you know that is not true and that they take care of themselves really well. The same goes for the way we deal with food.

For example yesterday morning I started my day off with a green smoothie with lots and lots of fresh veggies, which gives me more than enough energy thorough the day.
For lunch I had spice flavored chicken with salad and for dinner fish with steaming vegetables. So pretty much for every meal I try to eat fresh, organic, clean foods. Lots of greens for vitamins and things like chicken and fish for proteins.
Naturally eating greasy things like french fries or big deserts is something I don’t do as they are bad for the body. I do occasionally treat myself with some delicious treats of course.

Through the day I have a snack every two to three hours which helps to keep my metabolism running smoothly and prevents blood sugars from dipping low. Mainly things like nutrition bars and fruits.
Other than that I take supplements with lots of vitamins, nutrients, and I drink lots of water every day to help me flushes toxins from my system.

That’s about it. Now you know, models eat small amounts of fresh, organic, clean foods but stretched through the day so the body can have time to absorb everything it needs.

Moving to New York


I have lived in Tauranga, New Zealand all of my life. Same house, same neighborhood, used on my little life there. I was happy but I still wanted more. I loved the idea of modeling since I was very young. I mean just imagine traveling to all sort of places, meeting all kinds of people, trying different food, exploring different cultures. It sounds fantastic doesn’t it?

When I came to decision to go to New York and try to make my dreams come true I realized it would actually be my first time leaving the country. I never really traveled outside of New Zealand so the simple idea that I will go on such a great adventure was exciting.

So one day I bought my ticket, said farewell to family and was on my way. Arriving here gave me sort of mixed feelings. I was amazed that I was in America but all the people I spoke with were kind of angry. For example I was trying to be really nice with the guy who was checking my bags and made a joke but he didn’t even respond. Well, perhaps he was just a little bit shy.

Driving through the city in a taxi was amazing, everything was just so HUGE. I felt as if I was in a completely different world. My excitement was lost quickly when I saw the prices of apartments the next day. It took me quite a while to find a place I could afford, and its pretty much in the middle of nowhere.
But I am here now, and ready to make my move.